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. What is all about? is a website offering professional online marketing services. We have a team of expert professionals and constantly endeavor to offer you high quality services at very affordable rates. . What are the services that you offer? We offer the following services:

Complete Ongoing Search engine optimization services
Keyword research and on-page optimization
Link buying services
PPC management services
Reciprocal and One way Link building services
Social Media Optimization
Usability Analysis & Reporting
. Where are you located? is a part of Crewind Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which is based in Chennai, India. Our postal address is as follows:

146/9, Millennium Towers,
Nelson Manickam Road,
Chennai - 600029
PH: +91 44 23742203/04
. Why should we be using your services?
Over six years of expertise
Highly professional SEO Marketers
Very affordable prices
Well thought out service packages
24/7 email, chat and phone based support
. What is meant by an ongoing search engine optimization campaign?
An ongoing campaign is a true form of SEO campaign which involves optimizing the website on a continuous basis. Optimizing websites for search engines is not an one time affair as the results keep changing on a regular basis. So this means that if a website ranks on top today, there are chances that it might rank lower after a period of time. In order to maintain your website's position it is important that the SEO is done on an ongoing/continuous basis. . Advantages of Ongoing SEO
Maintain and improve top keyword positions
Optimize newly added/updated pages
Constant link acquisition ensuring more traffic over the time
Better optimization through Webstat monitoring
Professional consulting when making website related changes
. What is covered in the Ongoing SEO service?
Keyword research and analysis to find the best keywords
Onpage optimization Highly professional SEO Marketers
Link development
Webstat monitoring
Professional Consulting
Support for site revisions
. Can you guarantee that my site will be ranked on top 10 positions for targeted keywords?
No SEO can guarantee top rankings as there are many factors which are beyond our control. Search engines keep changing their ranking algos, there are new websites being added to the web on a regular basis and you have competitors who are constantly trying to outrank you. As we cannot control these factors, we really cannot give you any kind of guarantees that your keywords will rank and stay in the top 10 results. But what we can assure you is the quality of service you will receive from us which we believe will definitely help you do better in search engines. . Which tools do you use for keyword research?
We use registered versions of industry standard tools like 'Wordtracker' and 'Keyword Discovery' to perform keyword research. These are the best tools available in the market and track keyword data using various major and minor search engines. . My website has been penalized by Google for some reason. Will you help us out?
Yes, we can certainly help you out by identifying the factors why your website was penalized and then carrying out procedures to get your site out of penalization. . Can you optimize websites in any other languages other than English?
Unfortunately at present we offer optimization solutions only to websites having English content. . How long will it be before I can start seeing any results out of the SEO campaign?
We cannot give you a specific time frame, but you should start seeing results in a matter of three to four weeks from the date the actual optimization initiated. . I am planning to open a website and would like SEO consultation. Can you help me?
Yes, absolutely we can. We will offer you complete guidance in setting up a SEO friendly website. . Does every page of my website need to be optimized?
Yes, all pages on your website need to be properly optimized. This will ensure that the site ranks well for a variety of keywords. This is because each webpage on your site can be optimized for rank for a bunch of targeted keywords as keywords specific to that page. . Why doesn't your service include search engine submissions like other services out there?
To get a website included in a search engine you really don't have to submit it to the search engine. Search engines pick up websites naturally by following links and that is what we will do to get your site included. Also, as Google, Yahoo and MSN are the three major search-engines which constitute 99% of all searches made, submitting to thousands of minor search engines for inclusion does not generate any returns in terms of traffic. In fact bulk submission to search engines can actually be regarded as spam and we don't do spamming. . What is white hat and black hat SEO?
White hat SEO is a term used to describe optimization of websites as per the terms dictated by the search engines. Black hat on the other hand is about spamming the search engines to get results. Black hat techniques can get your site get penalized in the long run.

Having said that, there is a very thin line which differentiates white hat from black hat and there are various factors which can not be categorized under white or black hat SEO.

Keeping these two terms apart, our SEO services are focused upon improving your website traffic at the same time ensuring that your site does not get penalized. We are extremely particular about this, which is why we have so many happy clients.
. Do you use any kind of linking software for running link campaigns?
No, we do not use any linking software or link network to generate links. Our linking campaign is 100% manual. Right from sourcing websites to sending mails and adding links, everything is done manually. . Won't buying paid links get me penalized in Google?
Buying paid links from unrelated websites and from sites that link out to unrelated websites can get you penalized as the search engines in this case can assume that the links are artificial. But strategic paid links which are purchased from good quality websites can never be identified by Google and hence cannot be penalized.

We make it a point to buy paid links from pages that do not link out to unrelated sites and that have very few outbound links. In addition, we also try to get in-text links from internal pages of websites wherever possible as these links are given more value by search engines and can never be identified as paid links.
. What PPC programs do you support?
We support all popular PPC programs including Google Adwords, Yahoo Overture and MSN Adcenter . Can you manage multiple PPC programs?
Yes absolutely. Our experts will manage all your PPC programs and offer separate reporting for each one of them. Back to Top